About Us
It was a humid, sultry, sub-tropical summer in India in August 2002. We were barely adults when we met. Friendship blossomed into Love and life has been a series of happy events since then.
Paridhi Anand
MD, Pediatrics
Deepan Singh
MD, Psychiatry
Growing up, Deepan was a shy, frequently bullied, lost-in-his-dreams young boy. He wondered why he felt alone, except when in a crowd full of strangers. The silence that surrounded him, even in the noise, made him a good listener. Unseen but quietly observant, he developed a way of stepping into others’ shoes. He wasn’t bullied anymore since he seemed to know what made the bullies tick. He wasn’t alone anymore as it turned out people liked being heard no matter who they were. He realized that his calling was in helping people heal through words. He also discovered that sometimes words aren’t enough and that the mind after all is secreted by the all-powerful organ- the brain. That led him to train as a psychiatrist in the US. Early in his training, he noted that the roots of pain often lay in the past and that healing children led to happier families and healthier futures. Trained in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, dialectic and motivational psychotherapy, Deepan has developed a unique skill-set, rare among modern psychiatrists. He has done biological and clinical research while using both medications and psychotherapy in every patient he sees.
I am Paridhi. I was raised in a home that encouraged a unique combination of creativity and scientific thinking. For as long as I can remember, I have held the belief that through hard work, dreams do come true and that we all have within us, the power to bring positive change to this world we inhabit. While in medical school, I learnt of the concept of Primordial Prevention-prevention of risk factors themselves, beginning with change in social and environmental conditions in which these factors are observed to develop, and continuing in change of attitudes for high risk children, adolescents and young adults. Preventive medicine is the direction of growth of healthcare. It is a better use of resources to help people stop smoking before they develop lung cancer. I think, it is even better to prevent young people from starting to smoke in the first place! So, Pediatrics was a natural choice for me. I practice Primary Care Pediatrics in the heart of Brooklyn, providing care to a medically under-served community.
We got married and moved to the USA in 2009. Together, we found solace in helping as many as possible through their darkest times while ensuring for others that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, through Key, we hope to bring it forward, and want to make wellness as ubiquitous as Facebook with the goal that people put what they think of themselves ahead of what others think of them.
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